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Designing & executing project development master plans to unlock renewable wealth with next generation solutions & technologies

what sets us apart


40 year Experience

Expertise in Mining, Fossil Energy and Groundwater exploration leading to worldwide discoveries for top tier clients.


Top-Down Approach

We bring together Governments, Multi-lateral Bodies and Operators around a common Master-plan to execute.


Ethical Efficiency

We serve the world's industrial and humanitarian needs and have been awarded by the Space Foundation.


Redefining the Exploration Industry

And Challenging Conventional Wisdom

RTI Layering

RTI is an Exploration company delivering integrated solutions enabling the timely and significant cost effective access to Mining, Hydrocarbon and Water resources.

We operate with Remote Sensing, Geology, Geomorphology and Geophysics combined with continuously evolving trade secret algorithms.

Our multi-layered solutions enlarge the perception of what is possible and shapes the future of natural resource exploration.

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With Proprietary Technologies

To Power Sustainable Project Development Master Plans

Unlocking New Wealth

And Building a Reputation Based on Success Stories

Integrating 40 years of exploration experience, we have already covered 1 Million km² and discovered hundreds of Trillions of m³ of deep fresh groundwater.

Our track record includes the disovery of 1.1 Trillion bbl. equivalent of gas, 1.3 Billion bbl. of recoverable oil, 70 tonnes of gold, 75 Million tonnes of iron ore and a world-class potash asset.

More than that, access to these resources unlocks potential for the future, creating jobs, powering schools and improving quality of life.

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