Finding fresh and sustainable groundwater for everyone, everywhere



Assessing and optimizing mining potential with sustainable master plans

Fossil energy


Minimizing oil and gas exploration risks while maximizing odds of success



Monitoring the Earth, preventing disasters, accurate predictive analysis

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RTI Exploration
Headquarters: +33 490 435 773

RTI is an Exploration company delivering intelligent solutions enabling the timely and significant cost effective access to Mining, Hydrocarbon and Water resources.
Founded in 1999, RTI has developed unique technologies and solutions to unlock natural resources with its industrial partners.
RTI operates with Remote Sensing, Geology, Geomorphology and Geophysics combined with unique proprietary algorithms.

37 Years of experience in Mining, Energy and Groundwater exploration leading to worldwide discoveries. See Projects

Top-Down approach, bringing together governments, multi-lateral bodies and operators around a common master-plan to execute. See Solutions

Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame® by the Space Foundation for WATEX™, groundwater exploration solution. See Technology