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19/09/2016: Le Sourcier des temps modernes, Paris (Oct. 07, 2016) Ladybirds Films

Pour Alain Gachet, prospecteur pétrolier et chercheur d’or, la pénurie des eaux de surface et des nappes peu profondes n’est pas une fatalité. Ses recherches lui font penser que sous les déserts peuvent se cacher d’immenses réserves d’eau : les aquifères..

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16/04/2016: COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Feb. 25, 2016) – The Space Foundation’s 32nd Space Symposium

The Space Foundation’s 32nd Space Symposium culminated on April 14 with ceremonies celebrating the induction into the Space Technology Hall of Fame® of innovations developed for space that now improve life on Earth.

Dr Alain Gachet and RTI were being inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame®.

15/10/2015: LCI - "Alain Gachet, l'homme qui fait jaillir l'eau du désert"

Emission LCI, Oct 2015

Experience and innovation

Dr. Alain Gachet founded RTI in 1996 after spending years leading discovery efforts for multinational oil and gas companies. An experienced geologist and geophysicist, Dr. Gachet began experimenting with Geo-Scanner technology in 1999 while exploring structures linked to the genesis of gold and other base metals in the Republic of Congo. There, he utilized the technology to penetrate the rainforest canopy and reveal geological features beneath the ground's surface.

He's also "Chevalier de la légion d'honneur" since july 2015 for his work done in the search for water in drought affected countries and for post-war reconstruction in Africa and the Middle East.

A history of helping people

In 2004, the Darfur crisis displaced 250,000 refugees in Chad and forced them into camps with another 2 million people displaced in Sudan. Working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, RTI found enough water within four months to sustain the refugee camps in Chad and subsequently received funding to continue working in Sudan. There, Dr. Gachet and his team discovered enough water to support 3 million people.

Years later, Dr. Gachet and his team accurately detected the source and direction of water leakage in Libya's Great Man-Made River, which sparked an effort to hone the technology's uses for the detection of aquifers. With a renewed sense of urgency to locate underground water, Dr. Gachet harnessed his decades of traditional oil and gas exploration experience to begin developing RTI's patented water exploration and discovery system, WATEX™.

RTI's US counterpart is working to locate untapped water reservoirs in the state of Texas. Today, RTI is prepared to assist drillers in finding water using its patented WATEX™ maps and Groundwater Exploration Navigation Systems (GENS).

RTI's list of accomplishment

  • Helping refugees in war-torn countries like Afghanistan
  • Aiding post-war reconstruction efforts in Angola
  • Assisting the Kurdish government during a major drought
  • Uncovering 66 trillion gallons of potable water in the drought-stricken Turkana region of northwest Kenya

Corporate responsibility

RTI strives to employ expertise in the natural sciences and resource exploration field to improve the lives of people around the world and produce opportunities for efficiency and responsibility among RTI's industry clients.

Global initiatives

RTI moves to empower countries to know the resources that will benefit them and how those resources can be activated and optimized.

Where RTI can help you

RTI technology is designed to minimize the time, costs and safety risks associated with speculative drilling. We achieve success rates significantly higher than those offered by traditional exploration methods, especially in the developing world and conflict areas.

portrait dr alain gachet

“Knowing exactly what we’re dealing with and where to drill means that we have the capacity to help the poorest populations in the most remote areas, and we can do so in a cost-effective context because of the synthetic view from the desk before field exploration begins.”
— Dr. Alain Gachet