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Alain's portrait

Alain Gachet

Founder & CEO

Alain is a mining engineer and a physicist. He has 38 years experience in natural resource exploration and 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry. He created RTI in 1999 and has become an international expert working with various major industries, NGO’s and governments.

Delphine's portrait

Delphine Sevestre

GIS & Remote sensing

Delphine is a geologist, specialized in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems. Dealing with processing and assembling of GIS data, she operates both in the office and in the field.

Clement's portrait

Clement Gachet

Business Development

Clement is a chemical engineer. Entrepreneurial and sustainability driven, he manages business development for industry.

Jade's portrait

Jade Tordo

Media & Communication

Jade is an International Business specialist. Sensitive to the societal stakes of developing countries, she is committed to communicating the company's innovative projects.

RTI Exploration

RTI's expertise in resource exploration utilizes the most advanced space technologies to improve people's life around the world. Such technologies drastically reduce exploration cost and risks for its clients and partners. As a game-changer, RTI Exploration lives to empower countries and industries, with precise tailor-made master plans.

"It has saved us a lot of time and energy searching for water in an area twice the size of Switzerland."
Craig Sanders, UNHCR