Fossil energy exploration

HEXUB™ (Hydrocarbon Exploration of Uplifted Basins) is the result of over 37 years of oil exploration experience.

This technology combines radar and optical satellite imagery, and merges various disciplines including traditional data such as seismic, isochrones, isobath maps, gravimetry and magnetic data, well logs, natural oil seeps and geological cross-sections.

Full description of surface conditions, including soil classifications and structural geology, can contribute to an optimized preparation of seismic acquisition programs in hostile areas such as rainforest, swamps, sand covered areas.

HEXUB™ : minimizing your oil and gas exploration risks, maximizing your profit


De-risking and servicing oil and gas exploration for governments and oil companies, worldwide




Optimize pipeline tracks for better maintenance and respect of the environment for governments and oil companies, worldwide


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"RTI's work exceeded our expectations because not only did they deliver this very major scope in the short time that we provided, but they also overcame some major impromptu challenges in a very professional and astute manner."
Stefano Gambro, Shell