Fossil energy exploration

HEXUB™ (Hydrocarbon Exploration of Uplifted Basins) is an integrated de-risking technology for Oil & Gas exploration. It is the result of 37 years of experience and data gathering, leading to worldwide discoveries with top tier clients.

HEXUB™ incorporates Remote Sensing, Geology and Structural Geology, Geochemistry and Gravimetry. It offers a precise delineation of the areas of major hydrocarbon interest before undertaking any geophysical survey.

The benefits to partners include a significant reduction in exploration costs, risks, and time to commercial operations.

Groundwater for Upstream Operations here

HEXUB™ : minimizing oil and gas exploration risks, maximizing odds of success


Optimizing geophysical survey areas and de-risking oil and gas exploration




Optimizing and monitoring pipelines for better maintenance, yield and respect of the environment


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"RTI's work exceeded our expectations because not only did they deliver this very major scope in the short time that we provided, but they also overcame some major impromptu challenges in a very professional and astute manner."
Stefano Gambro, Shell