Environment Monitoring

Predictive terrain analytics and classifications


For Exploration, Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring

OSIRIS™ is a turnkey decision backing information system for strategic exploration management, successful farming and environment monitoring

This real-time performing predictive terrain analysis technology combines radar and optical satellite imagery with a next generation terrain classification algorithm.

OSIRIS™ has been developed to fit wider surveillance applications over forests, land, seas and coasts.

BAMEX final process BAMEX initial process

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Gaining Predictive Terrain Insight

WATEX for upstream OG

Exploration: ForestClass™

Offering accurate predictive terrain analysis, OSIRIS ForestClass™ is the optimal first step to initiate a responsible and safe exploration journey in formerly considered risky areas.

WATEX for mining operations

Agriculture: SoilClass™

OSIRIS SoilClass™ is the optimal approach to discover and exploit fertile soils, and initiate large-scale agricultural projects.

WATEX for mining operations

Monitoring: EnviroClass™

From man-made to natural catastrophes, OSIRIS EnviroClass™ is designed to monitor Deforestation, Floods, Oil Pipeline Leaks and Coastline changes.


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