RTI's innovative techniques and large-scale surveying approach offers comprehensive prospection services for a variety of industry specific clients including :

Water Explorers & Producers
Oil/Gas Explorers & Producers
Agriculture Developers
Mineral Rights Holders
Mining Investors
logo UNHCR

“It has saved us a lot of time and energy searching for water in an area twice the size of Switzerland.”
— Craig Sanders, Head of Operations in Chad and Darfur, UNHCR

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“This is a promising example of how space technologies can have a practical and critical role in humanitarian assistance and international development.”
— Firoz Verjee, Senior Researcher, ICRDM, George Washington University

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“Alain Gachet and his technology has put us months ahead of where we would have been and where we were at the beginning of this year (when emergency operations began).”
— Geoff Wordley, UNHCR, Chad, 2004

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“A revolution in terms of water. The most important thing to happen in 20 years.”
— Ben Harvey, Water Specialist, IRC, CHAD, 2004