Strategic alliance between Phoenix H2O and RTI Exploration

Groundwater discovered by RTI Exploration can be delivered  to human communities whatever the groundwater quality anywhere in the world.


Phoenix H2O© and RTI Exploration have joined their strength to provide intelligent solutions to water discovery and purification, in crisis areas.

If the groundwater found is brackish and/or polluted, desalination and purification can be achieved by Phoenix H2O©, a unique and sustainable military-grade reverse osmosis mobile unit for direct human consumption, from 5,000 up to 4 million + liters per day. This unit is fully powered by solar energy and improves the environment wherever it is placed.

If the groundwater found is drinkable and renewable, it can be distributed for direct use and consumption.

This strategic alliance creates the link between the short and the long term. From emergency to development, we have optimized the process of critical water supply with the combination of state of the art technologies, identified as Solutions for Humanity


"It has saved us a lot of time and energy searching for water in an area twice the size of Switzerland."
Craig Sanders, UNHCR